Working with Addictions and Suicidality (past event)

with Sanja Oakley & Simon Proudlock

6 CPD points awarded

Suitable for all EMDR therapists who have completed their EMDR basic training.

Fee: £75 included refreshments and a light lunch.


Historic Event – Held March, 2020 

EMDR Consultants and training facilitators, Sanja Oakley and Simon Proudlock, shared their EMDR expertise with us.  The workshop included presentations, case examples, discussions and an opportunity to practice the Feeling State Protocol.

Simon spoke about EMDR and suicidality, drawing from his wealth of experience working within NHS Crisis teams for over 10 years. He discussed the use of EMDR in an acute care setting, introduce models of suicide and talked about how to process traumatic material which is fuelling suicidal desire, whilst taking positive risks that enable you to help keep the client safe.

Sanja (familiar to many for her expertise as an international EMDR training facilitator) focused on EMDR and addiction protocols. Please note that this information is not only relevant to addiction therapists, as it could potentially be used with clients who might not seek help for an addiction, but who might disclose problematic, compulsive behaviours such as attachments to ‘wrong’ partners including co-dependant relationships, aggressive behaviours, disordered eating, watching too much TV, overworking, excessive shopping, porn or internet games, etc.  Learning objectives included: being able to recognise clients’ addictive and compulsive behaviours, setting targets for EMDR processing, explaining to clients how the addiction is formed from an AIP perspective, differentiating between various EMDR addiction protocols and discerning when to target a client’s addiction versus when to target the traumatic memory. Relapse prevention was also discussed.


Comments on the Workshop

“A really good day which felt friendly and relaxed. A lot of really useful information that I can put into practice.”

“Thank you for organising such a helpful, interesting and stimulating day.”

“It was great to have a specific training day for EMDR, and lovely to meet and hear from other local EMDR therapists.”

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